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Learn The Secret To Our "Triple Threat" Certified Marketer Training
In This FREE Infosession!

How To Finally Master The Three

Most Profitable Funnelbuilding

Skills Once And For All!

How To Finally Master The Three Most Profitable

Funnelbuilding Skills Once And For All!

Live on Sunday March 3, 2024
8pm Eastern / 5pm Pacific

Join us for this
free workshop
Sunday night!

Why These Three Skills Are Necessary For Any Online Business In 2024

in this INSIGHTFUL and TOTALLy FREE WORKSHOP you will learn:

The #1 Underestimated Truth You Need To Know In Order To Grow

This applies to you... no matter what industry or experience

These Skills Needed For Businesses Trying To Crack 7-Figures + Beyond

The three skills you need... even if you're the CEO or Founder

Inside The Industry's BEST Marketing Certification Program On The Internet!

We'll answer your questions about our funnelbuilding certification program FG Society!

About Your Instructors

Cathy Olson + Julie Chenell


Cathy has been beautifying brands and
designing experiences of digital delight for over 24 years., working with multi-billion dollar
brands like Costco, Apple and Disney.

She teaches High-end Branding, Graphic and Web design with the infusion of Strategic Conversion for brands that scale and last. When Cathy’s not crafting multiple 6 figure funnels, she is leading the movement on integrity in Marketing through the  the Marketer’s Heart community. 

Her heart’s mission: To help creatives book more clients and sell more products… one GORGEOUS funnel at a time.


There are few coaches out there that have as much experience with launching as Julie does.

She's taught thousands of students, overseen multi-seven figure launches, worked directly with Russell Brunson (and launched his funnels for him), has her own private mastermind group where she runs strategic point for all kinds of launches in multiple industries and markets. This does not even include her own personal launches. 

If there's someone you want by your side in this endeavor, it's Julie. Currently the only other way to get her support is through her $29,000 private mastermind group, which has an application, income requirements, and a waitlist. 

About Funnel Gorgeous® and FG Funnels®

Funnel Gorgeous was founded in 2018 and grew to over $14m in sales in just five years. They have served up content and training to over 17,000 students!

They are known for high quality products and marketing software, gorgeous design templates, and innovators in the marketing space by breaking the rules and trying things that supposedly “don’t work” in marketing.

With a loyal fanbase and a growing company, they are proving that heart led marketing doesn’t mean sacrificing sales.

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